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Is your writing any good?

(It doesn't count if your mom likes it)

Betafish connects you with on-demand, expert readers for feedback on your unpublished work — because wouldn't you rather find out from them than from Amazon reviewers?

How It Works

1. Add your book

Upload a PDF of your manuscript — anything from a single chapter or short story to an entire full-length book. We will automatically calculate your document's word count for you.

2. What do you want to know?

We will help you come up with questions to ask your Betafish reader, or you can create your own based on what you care about most. Does the opening hook them? Does that scene in chapter 12 hit them in the gut?

3. Connect with readers

One of our carefully-vetted Betafish readers goes to work on your assignment, and we let you know the exact date by which you can expect feedback.

4. Receive feedback!

Betafish readers upload answers to your questions, along with additional general comments. All feedback is 100% backed by our Betafish quality guarantee!

Why work with Betafish?

Insight into the minds of fans

Betafish readers are professional bookworms, such as English teachers, librarians, and publishers, and all of them are carefully vetted and interviewed before they are added to our platform. Every single one of the readers we connect you with is an expert in what makes a good book.

Receive the feedback you want

Every draft is different, and we don't believe in one-size-fits-all questionnaires. If you're worried whether the hero made them swoon or whether the villain was too one-dimensional, you can expect honest, thorough feedback on the questions that really matter to you.

Affordable Pricing

We have a fixed pricing scale based on word count. While most editors charge thousands of dollars per read-through, you can hire multiple Betafish readers at any stage of the writing process for a fraction of the cost. They won't be fixing your grammar or spelling mistakes — you'll still want to hire an editor for that — but they'll give you feedback through the eyes of the sort of people you hope will buy your book.

Reliable and honest

Any writer who has asked friends and family to read their work knows how flaky they can be — and how much it sucks to wonder whether that's due to their friends' hectic schedules or the book just not being very compelling. With Betafish, you will never have to question again whether you were given good feedback just to avoid hurting your feelings.


First chapter or door-stopper epic fantasy, you'll always know what you're paying per reader



  • 5000 word limit
  • Ask readers 5 customized questions
  • Great for first chapters and short stories
  • Reader feedback guaranteed within 3 days or less
  • One low price

$0.002 / word

  • No word limit
  • Ask readers 20 customized questions
  • Get big-picture feedback on entire draft
  • Readers have 2 days for every 10,000 words *
  • $50 minimum

* - Minimum of 3 days after the reader is given the assignment. Word counts are rounded up to the nearest 10,000.

Sample timelines:
7,000 words: 3 days
50,000 words: 10 days
100,999 words: 22 days

I have a few questions...

What exactly is a beta reader?

In software, a "beta" is a new version of a program that a company releases in order to test it and find issues. As such, a "beta reader" is someone who reads part or all of an unpublished manuscript to give their opinion on the story, knowing it's not going to be perfect in its unfinished form.

So is a beta reader an editor?

Nope! Professional editors are a different but important part of the publishing process. However, there are multiple kinds of editing — developmental edits that look at the big picture / plot structure of a book, line edits that focus on fixing prose and stylistic issues, and copyediting, which addresses grammar, spelling, and inconsistent details (such as a character's eyes being blue in chapter one and brown in chapter four.) Each of these services can be very expensive, often costing thousands of dollars per round.

When we connect you with a beta reader, they won't go through your book line-by-line to fix your spelling mistakes, but they will help you figure out from a reader's viewpoint which parts of your book are working — or not. While you should also work with an editor before publishing in order to release a polished final book, you can hire beta readers far earlier in the process to get critiques on earlier drafts.

What if I don't like the feedback I get?

The quality and thoroughness of the feedback given to you by Betafish readers is our number one priority. We can't guarantee that you'll agree with everything they have to say, but we will quickly mediate any disputes, and if we agree that their work didn't meet our high standards, we promise to work with you to make it right.

Can my beta readers post their reviews somewhere like Amazon?

While Betafish readers will give you great insight into how your book will be received by its intended audience, sites such as Amazon and Goodreads strictly prohibit paid reviews. Feedback from Betafish readers can help you improve your book and get better reviews when you do publish, but our readers do not post their responses publicly.

How can I become a beta reader?

We are currently accepting applications from experienced readers! For more information on what we're looking for and how to apply, please click here.

I have another question that wasn't answered here!

If there's anything else you'd like to know, please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!